My 2016 Business Goals

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It’s National Write a Business Plan Month, as a Social Media and Marketing Assistant you need to keep up-to-date on these things, especially when you’re working for a financial advising company. It does help with the blogging side of things if you’re trying to stay on track. So what’s my business plan for my blog and myself?

My plan is to post new content at least three to four times a week. One of the mistakes I made in the past was not maintaining my content. At the same time, I need to make sure it’s interesting to my readers. How?

  1. Like I said I’ve made a lot of large changes in my life, especially my marriage to Shehab. Writing calms me down but it also made me realize that they are many people out there battling and enjoying the same obstacles as me. So why not write, you never know who’s going to benefit from it.
  2. The make-up artist for my wedding reception sent me a list of skin care products to help take care of my skin. She did do a lot of research and recommended what she thought was best for me. Although I love getting advice, I have become more interested in finding products and techniques that will benefit me. Hence, I’m going to try some traditional remedies and experiment with more natural products.
  3. I still suffer from low self-confidence, and I’m battling with it. After all the conflict and criticism regarding my hyper-pigmentation, I felt extremely broken down, the fact that someone could look down on me due to a simple mark on my face. I still don’t understand why this individual was so concerned by it, but it made me stronger. So I’m going to work towards making myself stronger and more confident.
  4. I’ve also been experimenting with online shopping; it’s quite fun to browse through small boutiques. My goal, once I get to my healthy weight loss goal! Well, a major shopping spree and possibly sharing some cute outfits. However, I’m not much of a fashion expert.

Outside of the Blog…

  1. I was given the chance to try essential oils though Simply Aroma, and if I like what I see I get to become a Simply Aroma consultant. Quite excited about that, more details to follow once I learn more about the product.
  2. I started Little Miss Dora’s Boutique, a kids crafting, party favor, and gifts boutique shop. I do receive on and off clients every couple of years, but I wanted to start taking this more seriously. I love crafting, and Dora loved modeling some of the hair accessories I made for her, so the plan, craft at least four times a week and get that creativity back.
  3. Maimuna Designs was another crafting business I started, it originally began with designing and painting wine glasses. Since then I have started moving forward to selling my paintings when it comes to painting it’s all about the ideas that come to mind. You can’t force it.

So my main business plan? As of now major concentration!

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