Room (Book Review)

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Since my sleep pattern is all over the place and I’m currently waiting for my husband to come out of the shower to watch the movie adaptation of the novel, Room; I thought this would be a perfect time to write my review. I finished the book about two weeks ago, but as you can tell I’m quite behind on blogging. Since I replaced Social Media Browsing with reading, I realized that my blog as become more of a Book review blog. I can’t help it, if I have a good book in my hand, it’s hard not to stop. I’m currently reading Perks of Being a Wall Flower, and I’m almost done with the book. If you’re wondering, Shehab has not read the book, Room, nor does he want to! He’s a movie addict, hence the reason he’s willing to stay away and watch the film with me.


I personally loved the concept behind the main plot of the story. I really liked the author, Emma Donoghue’s take on Stockholm Syndrome through the eyes of a five-year-old boy. The plot had quite an interesting concept behind it. The main gist of the novel is about a woman who is kidnapped at nineteen and kept in a soundproof room by her captor and gives birth to a child who is only accustomed to his daily life in this room. They eventually escape, and the book talks about his experience in the “real world” outside of the Room.

Reading wise, it was a slow read, it was interesting but a little slow. I expected the book to have more emotion and feeling. However, the author tried to narrate the story through the eyes of a five-year-old which is quite a challenge. I would recommend putting this book on your reading list! Now it’s time for the movie!


Death Wears a Beauty Mask and Other Stories (Book Review)

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I’m going to be completely honest; I had to read Death Wears a Beauty Mask and Other Stories a couple of times before I finished the entire book. There was nothing wrong with it, but the series of short stories became a little boring after a while. I wanted something long that I looked forward to reading. I’m going to keep this entirely short. I love anything written by Mary Higgins Clark. However, I wouldn’t recommend this book if you’re looking for a long, mysterious, and suspenseful read. Don’t get me wrong, the plot for each story was interesting. I especially liked reading “Death Wears a Beauty Mask” and “The Man Next Door”. Both of these stories were quite thrilling. As of now I prefer novels over short stories. If you’ve never read a book by Mary Higgins Clark, I would strongly suggest reading Death Wears a Beauty Mask and Other Stories to help you get a feel for her writing style.

Death Wears a Beauty Mask and Other Stories


The Cinderella Murder by Mary Higgins Clark (Book Review)

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I don’t want to jinx myself, but I’ve never been disappointed by a novel written by Mary Higgins Clark. After all these years, she still seems to surprise me. I think I enjoyed The Cinderella Murder as much as I enjoyed The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo! The Cinderella Murder isn’t as intense and horrifying as The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, but it does have a lot of suspense.

Cinderella Murder

The Plot:

Susan Dempsey is a striving artist from UCLA. On the day of her father’s birthday, she is invited to audition for an upcoming Director, Frank Parker. (Even though having an Audition at his house seems a little strange?) However, the next day Susan is found dead in a park just outside of Frank Parker’s house. She’s missing one silver shoe, hence the name, The Cinderella Murder. Her friend Madison, who is also her roommate, ends up auditioning with Frank Parker and is his alibi for the night. Other suspects in the case. Twenty years later, after all, the suspects are cleared a television producer, Laurie Moran reopens the cold case for her show Under Suspicion, and that’s when the mystery begins.

My Review:

I’m usually very great at solving mysteries, but Mary Higgins Clark surprised me with the real killer, looking back she does give you a lot of hidden clues. However, I concentrated more on the big picture. I sacrificed my sleep and stayed awake until 1:00 a.m because I had to finish the novel. I’m a 10:30p.m. 11:30p.m. max bedtime girl. That probably tells you a lot about the intensity of the book!

Mary Higgins Clark covers a lot of great themes: jealousy, scandal, media, superficiality, and cult-like-cultures. You’ll see when you read the book. Would I recommend the book? Absolutely!
What’s next on the reading list. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I know I’m super behind. Like I said, I’ve only read the first book, but I’m excited to get back into the series.

Zoo by James Patterson (Book Review)

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I have a terrible habit!  If I start a novel or a movie, and it’s terrible, I still have to finish it. It happened to me when I read Fifty Shades of Grey, such a terrible book and it happened to me when I read James Patterson’s novel Zoo!

I was highly disappointed when I read James Patterson’s novel, Zoo. As I mentioned before I was made aware of the novel after I watched CBS’s show Zoo based on the book by James Patterson. Other than three characters and the main two protagonists having the same names as characters in the show; everything else was different. And that’s ok! However, I had a lot more expectations for the novel.


So the basic story is about Scientist Jackson Oz who has recently been made aware that his theory of a virus called HAC is arising in the Animal Kingdom. All over the world, wild animals and domestic animals are acting strange and attacking human beings. On a trip to Africa, he meets a young biologist named Chloe Tousignant, who’s safari camp, is attacked by a pride of male lions. Together they’re trying to discover the strange animal behavior.

I won’t spoil the ending of the book, but it didn’t start to get interesting until the last one hundred pages, and even then the climax was very slow. It lacked mystery and suspense! On the positive side James Patterson covered some great themes about animal behavior, human greed, and evolution, but overall I would not recommend this book.

What’s next on the list? The Cinderella Murder by Mary Higgins Clark. I started the book, and I can tell you I’m already ready to read more.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Book Review)

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It’s been awhile since I’ve read a book as intense and mysterious as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larsson. This was also one of the first times I’ve ever read a book before watching the movie. I know, I’m horrible! I don’t think I should ever judge a book by its cover, or a title for that matter. When I had first heard about the book, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I didn’t know what to thinkI honestly thought it was a ninja based, Chinese mystery. I hear Dragon, and I think the Chinese Dragon! I know I shouldn’t stereotype, but what can I say?

Well, this book did not take place in China. Instead, it takes place in Sweden. The first be three chapters are quite slow, I went back and re-read the first chapter after finishing Chapter 3. I don’t want to spoil the book for anyone, so I can’t go into too much detail without ruining the plot. The beginning parallels the lives of two protagonists; a financial journalists Kalle Blomkvist and a computer hacker, Lisbeth Salander. The book jumps back and forth detailing the lives of these two characters. However, every detail is extremely relevant. Here’s another piece of the puzzle, the book highlights a critical topic, Violence against Women. The story also incorporates a wide range of themes: Violence against women, rape, sexuality, revenge, murder, mystery, incest, and romance. Have you gotten a hold of your attention yet?  Well, that’s all I can tell you about the book!

I can admit one more thing; this book consumed me. I couldn’t put it down! It got to the point where Shehab took the book away and said, “Can you pay attention to me?” What can I say, this book was intense! I’m usually great at uncovering mysteries. However, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo took me by surprise!

Girl With the Dragon Tattoo


After reading the book, I did watch the movie on Netflix. To be completely honest the movie left out a lot of great details. Yes, that happens in a lot of movies based on books. However, I really wouldn’t recommend watching the film.

What’s next on the reading list? I’m currently reading Zoo by James Patterson.

Confessions of a Television Addict

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Confession Time: I’m secretly a television addict. I have an absolute television obsession, I literally think I need rehab. Shehab is finishing up his MBA and I’m about ready to catch him up on a couple of my favorite shows before the next season begins. Only catch, I have way too many I’m obsessed with.

So here are the shows I’m currently obsessed with and trying to get Shehab to watch:

  1. How To Get Away With Murder
  2. Scandal
  3. Once Upon A Time
  4. Modern Family
  5. The Originals
  6. Law and Order Special Victims Unit

Here are the shows that I’m always going to be obsessed with:

  1. Boy Meets World
  2. Scrubs
  3. Revenge 
  4. Desperate Housewives
  5. Friends
  6. How I Met Your Mother
  7. One Tree Hill
  8. Gilmore Girls
  9. 7th Heaven
  10. Full House
  11. The Addams Family
  12. The Munsters

So I really want to introduce him to the Musters so we can dress up Herman and Lily Munster for Halloween. I think I’ll start with Boy Meets World!

What’s your favorite show?

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