Hello My Name Is…

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About a week ago Shehab and I went to our first office Christmas party.I made the mistake of misreading the venue, and I took Shehab on a little tour of the cities. Sometimes I’m glad he doesn’t get very angry fast; it helps because he just laughed it off. We finally ended up finding the right venue and there we were at my first office party.

The venue was beautiful; I honestly love Christmas time. The green, the lights, the happy glow all around, it’s a wonderful feeling. But how do you introduce yourself when you’re still so new and half your co-workers couldn’t make it to the event?

Umm, let’s start with Hi I’m Ishika, and I’m… well, let’s just say the Christmas party was a success! After multiple introductions and answering the whole, “what do you do?” questionnaire… Social Media Marketing Assistant,  my husband realized how awesome his wife is. Ok, maybe I’m gloating a little too much.

What I mean to say is, sometimes you never realize what an impact you might make on a team or company. This was Shehab’s second event with my office. Our first was a Client Appreciation event was at a Brewery. Introducing him to my coworkers was fun. Shehab has this amazing, friendly personality and is available to talk to anyone. I’m a little introverted at first. The best part though was hearing one of my co-workers praise my work and let’s just say a couple of words of appreciation from the boss was a bonus.

However, when your boss’s boss comes and praises you at his Christmas party to your husband, well it turns into an outer body experience. Let me rephrase this… I’m used to being at the bottom when it comes to past work experiences: the hostess, cashier, teller, beauty advisor, and shoe sales associate. Not knocking down my past, but it’s always been a controlled atmosphere. This Social Media Marketing Assistant position, well I have complete control of my ideas, projects, and how I want to implement them, with the approval of my bosses as well. But I’m in control of my position.

It feels strange to hear your boss’s boss and his assistant talk about your strengths and how you’ve helped the company grow. It’s amazing to hear them talk about the benefits of your talents. Even though you pretend to be humble, I couldn’t help but give Shehab the “yea, I’m pretty awesome,” look followed by his little smirk.  

Let’s be honest, Shehab already knew that, though. However, hearing my superiors phrase me made a large impact on my life. I constantly call Shehab every day to talk about the new projects I’m working on, changes I’ve made, or the new programs I’ve been testing. He’s supportive and loves hearing about my endeavors. Hearing my bosses praise me and compliment me, well it made my hubby realize that I’m a valued member of this team. The whole, “my wife, accomplished this” is just an awesome bonus.

It’s important to acknowledge your strengths and talents, it’s also important to know that your partner understands your value and capabilities. Often we worry about boasting or making our partner look inferior. I think in a true, lovable, and strong marriage inferiority shouldn’t exist. It’s all about praising each other’s success and helping them bounce back from their failures.

Winter Inspiration

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Winter’s here, the first frost as fallen and I’m ready to stay inside by a warm fireplace snuggled up to Shehab and the little munchkin. Too bad Shehab and I only see each other on the weekends and reality says,  “I have to work, and Dora has to go to school!Yea life sucks! Especially when Dora says she’s too old to snuggle, however, she does have her moments.

For some strange reason, though, I always find my inspiration in the winter. I don’t know if it’s because of the cold weather or the depressing atmosphere, but I always find my inspiration for painting during the winter season.

My ideas often come during the worst times, like when I’m in the office trying to concentrate on projects and all I can think about is painting. I’m an I have to start this project, or I’ll forget kind of girl. So how do you fix these problems?

I decided to start carrying around a small notebook for my ideas and inspiration. Since I’m a daughter of an artist, there’s paint and canvases everywhere!

So what’s on the inspiration lists…

Well, a family friend, who’s like an elder sister to me is pregnant, she has two daughters and after eight years she’s having a baby boy due in January. Here’s the thing, they love to read, so I’m currently working on a little story book. Details to follow. I’m not much of a children’s books author, but let’s see how it turns out.

I’m trying to improve my artistic photography; I’m not much of a photography person. However, I couldn’t help but take a picture of the melting snow in front of my house; I guess winter does inspire.

And on the painting list, I have this idea of representing imperfection in the midst of beauty and chaos. I have the idea in my mind, but until it’s on a canvas, can’t explain the final product.

In the meantime I think I’ll just practice my sketching and improve skills again (I’m finding my sketching skills are a little out of practice)


Geometric shapes

What to expect