My Valentines’s Gift to Him

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Disclosure: I decided to try essential oils a couple of months ago through Simply Aroma. Simply Aroma has changed their name and branding to Purely, and they have a wide variety of products. Since I am a Purely Advisor, I am marketing my own products. If you wish to make a sale, I will receive a commission from each sale. 


On my twenty-third birthday my mom’s exact words were, “Happy Birthday Ishika, you need to take care of your skin! Soon you’ll be twenty-five and the wrinkles will start showing up!Thanks, mum. Not the best wish, but my mum doesn’t look like she has a  twenty-six-year-old daughter right now, I think I’ll take her advice. I laughed it off at the time, but it really is important to take care of my skin and for that matter, my husband’s skin as well.

Shehab is pretty good about his skin care but winter time isn’t anyone’s best friend. When my facial scrub from Essentially Spoiled did wonders for my skin (since the products are made with essential oils), I wanted Shehab to try products outside of the usual drug store brands. (He loves his Gillette shaving cream!).

That’s when I learned that Purely has a series of men’s care products and with Valentine’s day coming up I took advantage of the opportunity. (Instead of his usual video game). This year it’s selfishly about me! Now I’m a firm believer in trying the products myself or, in this case, having Shehab try them before promoting an item.  I’m still learning my way around essential oils, but I can’t tell you how much I love using products that contain essential oils. After a couple of day of pleading with Shehab, he agreed to change his loyal brands. So here’s my Valentine’s Gift to Him…

 Classic Shaving Soap IMG_1506

Ice Aftershave and the Blackwoods Beard Oil 


Walk the Lime Men’s Bath Bar


I can’t wait to get Shehab’s testimonial on the products. He’s quite critical of everything! I know he’s going to love the natural products by Purely! And there’s a bonus for me, not commission wise. I love the idea of getting my husband to take better care of his skin. 

If you are interested in purchasing any of these Purely products or would like to see all the other products, Purely offers, click here. Moment of truth, I’m still going to get him another video game, once he decides on the one he wants. I know I can’t always make it about me!