Wedding Planning, I haven’t even started!

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Wedding Planning

Ok so I got legally married back in July, but my large official reception doesn’t happen until May. I’m happy to announce that I have reserved my wedding venue, well one of them at least. Yea, Bengali weddings are quite long, but I’m getting there. So I found the perfect venue for my wedding, and that’s about it! I have less than six months to plan a wedding and procrastinating isn’t helping. So what’s on my upcoming list…


  1. Formally ask my bridesmaids: Ok so I have a confession to make, I chose my bridesmaids sarees before I formally asked anyone. I ordered them online, and they were the perfect colors and design. I texted all my bridesmaids for their sizes before formally asking them. I know it’s horrible, I did get a lecture from my sister about it, but I was just overly excited.
  2. Ordering my centerpieces. So I have this vision and idea in my mind, something with roses, pearls, and tea candles. My wedding colors are pearl and maroon. I have the idea in my mind, but it’s going to take a while to create them and my plan is to order a ton of supplies wholesale online. I know what you’re thinking, you realize shipping takes forever? I know, that’s why I need to get my butt going.
  3. Flowers: Umm yea, so I never really thought about my bouquet or flowers and I decided to go with the most expensive flower on the face of the earth, umm yea… maybe I should get the whole florist, flowers, cost thing right now.
  4. Guest List and Invitations: My mom printed invitations in Bangladesh, yay, but I haven’t even finalized my guest lists, especially since my pre-reception venue refuses to answer my calls! Frustrating right? And what’s the rule for guest, I mean I have friends who invited me to their weddings, but I’m not in contact with them anymore, do I still invite them? Also, we’re only allowing children of close family friends to attend. With all of my family members we’re limited on seating, Yea even three hundred attendees isn’t enough, so is it bad not to allow a plus 1 when we have to put no uninvited guest. (reason for this… I’ve had experiences where guests bombard weddings with random family members and friends without your consent. I guess you have to a be a little harsh sometimes!)
  5. Decorations: So I have my centerpieces planned out, but what about the rest of the stuff? Seating arrangements, table numbers, meet the wedding party, backdropalright before I overwhelm myself, I think I’m going to turn to Pinterest for some inspiration.
  6. DJ: well my baby brother is a DJ, but I think he’d rather enjoy the wedding, so now it’s time to hunt down a DJ.
  7. Photographers and Videographers: So I’ve worked with a list of amazing photographers who are also close friends. It’s a little hard to choose the right photographer. I know I want at least two different photographers, one to follow the groom and his family and one to follow my family and me. Videographer? I don’t even want to think about that right now.
  8. Food: Oh the magic word, half of my venue delay was because we were trying to find a venue that allows Southeastern cuisine, after months of searching for a place, I realized I want something different! I mean we’re going to have Southeastern cuisine the day before right, and it gets messy. Now the struggle is finding the right dish, we’re having plated dinners, but haven’t decided what to choose.
  9. Cake: All I know is Shehab and I both love Chocolate cake, but not everyone does. I was thinking about having a small tiered cake for cutting and then having two different types of cake based on everyone’s preference.

    And then there’s everything else. I’m just going to get this checklist out of the way before I begin adding to it. However, it would help to get some advice and ideas. Feel free to remind me of things I’m missing on the list, I know there’s a lot